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artist - elmy thong

Elmy Thong

Elmy Thong, Senior Art Director (DDB Worldwide Singapore)

A bit of an oddball from birth, it's little wonder that Elmy found an avenue of expression in design and the arts. He also has a secret stash of quirky collectibles like (we don’t know what either) and is drawn to all things related to the land of the rising sun. The Japanese are, after all, intrinsically unique and perhaps like him, a little lopsided.

In light of this, Elmy gave up on a stable pay cheque as an engineer and checked himself into Art School to pursue visual communication. To be in the creative industry surrounded by fellow eccentric and esoteric people became his lifelong dream.

Today, he has been in the advertising industry for almost 5 years and his long term romance with art direction and design can be likened to a 100-year-old couple. Till death do they part.